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I am new to the forum, I have jointed because I have a 1999 Corsa that is giving problems. I also like doing my own repairs if possible and hopefully over the years I have built up some knowledge that I may be able to help others with. I am an electronics engineer by trade so this could also become handy in helping others.

So back to my problem in hand my Corsa has started to play up.
When started it starts fine and runs very smoothly until you try to rev it when at best it is very slow to respond and seems to hunt but normally it just dies right down to a very low RPM or stalls. If I let it worm up a bit it seems a lot better reving nearly as it should with just a small delay or stutter.
I have changed some parts from a friends car to rule them out, the parts I have changed are as follows:
Oxygen sensor on the manifold
Coil pack
cam position sensor.

my friends car was slightly different so other parts don't fit AI should say that the engine management light does not come on but I read on the net that you could unplug the mass flow sensor and even though the idle would be rough it could prove if this was the fault as the car should rev as normal. when I unplugged the mass flow sensor the car run really rough and the engine management light came on so I am assuming this indicates it CPU is seeing a signal from the sensor?

I think I have covered every this so if any one can help with this issue I would be very greatfull.

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