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Corsa 1.4 SRi VX line
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Hi All,

Question on air con if ok. Took daughter to work late yesterday afternoon and turned on the air con, was initially a bit cool then fluctuated between blowing out hot and cold air. The radiator fan was going mad but it seemed like the air con had given up. Car had been sting in the sun most of the day and appreciate it was very hot but shouldn’t it still work? The pipes in and out of the condenser weren’t dripping condensation either (I’ve seen this on other cars), I did have it re gassed and cleaned a few months ago. Any suggestions? Picking her up after 10pm, tried it again and it was ok and back blowing out cold air so maybe it just doesn’t cope well with short journeys in this heat. My car is a 1.4 Sri VX line.

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