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I don't expect these to get much interest here but worth a shot:

- Brand new genuine GM Astra H 5 door2004 - 09 "sport" rear bumper - still in factory primer and never fitted to a car, it is the bumper fitted to cars with the visible chrome exhaust tail pipe so 1.6 and 1.9 diesel SXi, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 Turbo and 1.9 diesel SRi and 2.0 Turbo Design. It has the factory cut out for the exhaust, and also the locating holes for the black rear diffuser fitted to SXi/SRi and is the base bumper for SRi XPs with the VXR styling pack rear skirt. RRP £390 plus VAT, it was bought to replace a cracked rear bumper on my old H Design which was later written off before I had a chance to fit it. £50 as its taking up space in the shed.

- Brand new genuine Astra H 5 door tailored rubber rear mat set. £5 (I believe these also fit 3 door sport hatch and 5 door estate models, only model they don't fit for some reason is Twintops)

- Brand new genuine GM Astra H 5 door 2004 - 09 tailored front and rear mud flaps set still in the plastic packages with fittings and instructions. Again bought to fit my old Astra before it was written off. £10

I would be willing to post the mats and mudflaps but not the bumper as its plastic thus fragile for shipping and I wouldn't want it to get damaged.
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