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Hi all, first post on these forums. Wished it was under better circumstances.

Didn't expect this. Where does one begin. Is it best to post in introductions or faults!

Impressed by the new Corsa so much so I traded in my 1.4. Really like the car, apart from the smell, a dream to drive, 1.0T has bags of torque. The courtesy Corsa had no faults at all; no scent of oil in the cabin.

Non stop strong oil smell from air vents from day one of delivery.
Said they'd change exhaust if still an oil smell after 500 miles.
Now before you all say I should have rejected car outright I was led to believe smell was the wax burning off exhaust.

Looking to reject vehicle if cant fix.
Two attempts so far.
Dealership has had car in five out of eight weeks total.
And asked me to drive a total of 1500 miles.

Smells for a couple of seconds thru air vents into cabin.
Kept in for two weeks.
Water pump gasket and oil heat exchanger gaskets changed
Asked to drive 1000 miles and bring in regardless for check.

Still oil smells from vents in cabin for a short while.
Wrote letter to dealership (2 weeks before six months up) and copied in Vx UK asking would seek to reject if not able to fix.

Kept in for two weeks.
Cylinder head gasket changed as oil leak. Needed to regas air con. because of repairs. They test drove and assured all OK.

Brought back in to demonstrate smell. Initially dealership said would get Vx engineer down if still smells.
Asked to drive for couple of days.

Still oil smell thru vents for some seconds.
They checked over and no leaks. Changed pollen filter as neglected to do so with previous work and did an a/c decon.

Still smells after pollen filter change; more like burning now rather than oil for several seconds thru vents.
Bonnet open. Smells either side of engine but nothing from the front apart from pure heat.

So far so so.

Last resort: letting dealership have third chance with Vx UK engineer or reject.

Being fair?

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more than fair. should smell like a new car. not healthy to breathe in that stuff. I would reject it. Not sure though if new law applies retrospectively (purchased before it became law) or for full refund.
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