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So after collecting my car on 20th March ive had nothing but problems with the dealer. First issue I bought the car on 14th March, collection arranged for 20th March, then on 16th March the dealer announced a group wide promotion on all makes of new car, test drive a 15 plate or delivery mileage car and get a £25 voucher for a meal at Nandos, Frankie and Benny's etc and if you bought the car you also got 2 years free servicing, but only if you test drce and bought between 20 and 23 March, this after me taking out the 2 years servicing and paying £279 on top of the car price, complained to head office who wouldn't budge, telling me it was my tough luck that I'd bought the car earlier and I could either lump it or cancel the car, then buy it again between 20th and 23rd to get meal and free servicing but no guarantee I'd get finance accepted again, so eventually I got £30 shopping vouchers from them not much but better than nothing.

Then collected car on 20th, noticed within half an hour of collecting car that at night the DRLs are supposed to "dip" so they are not as bright and also act as the sidelights, but passenger side one was just switching off instead of dipping, fine as a DRL, not working in sidelight mode, turned out to be faulty connection. Second issue no screen wash fluid in car at all, third issue tyre pressures set too high and wrong, NSF and OSR 58psi, OSF and NSR 43psi, should be no more than 39psi any tyre, service book PDi section not stamped with dealers stamp, model given as Corsa 1.2, its a 1.4, date of reg given as 16/03/2015, it was regd 20/03/2015 so new service book required, rear number plate film put on wrong, big bubble down the middle so already delaminating, no keyrings given on 2 car keys, no invoice for car purchase provided, then salesman promised this would be sorted by 24/03/2015, it wasn't, he then promised it'd be sorted by 25/03/2015, again it wasn't, he forgot, same again 26/03/2015, in the end as I was working I had to get my missus and mum to go into showroom and pester salesman to get it done while they waited on 27/03/215, one week exactly after I picked car up, it then had to go back in as it was rolling on slight inclines due to incorrect handbrake adjustment, and then I had to go in again to resign finance docs as salesman hasn't done them right and finance company although they had accepted the finance were refusing to release the funds to the dealer until they were satisfied with the paperwork.

I had enough and complained to the dealer head office and got a call from the branch general manager saying he was sorry but as my problems were all now sorted there was nothing he could do to help with them, but to say sorry he would give me a free tank of fuel. So got it earlier, free fuel haha :D

Got to say despite the problems I've got a cracking deal, got the car £1750 less than list price, was getting £2400 for my trade in/part exchange which i was happy with but told them I wanted more so pushed for £3k and got £2700, got finance at 3.9% which is the lowest any dealer can get (except the once in a while 0%) which was cheaper than I could get when I worked for dealers a few years ago, got a full tank of fuel with the car as well so this is my 2nd free full tank from them, and got fitted carpet mats with locating pegs thrown in too, they do say Arnold Clark on them but are good quality tailored ones, plus a new set of plates because I said the current rear was damaged (it is, but I'll do another few months before it needs replaced) and a 10% discount cars towards servicing, repairs, tyres, parts and accessories, its not much 10% but I'll save me a few quid when I buy the extras I want on my plans list.

So yeah, if you've had a bad experience with your dealer, complain to their head office or customer services and you may get a "gesture of goodwill"
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