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Hello everyone and good evening, I wanted to ask a couple of questions please.
I am looking to buy a nearly new car and the Corsa E SE auto fits the bill nicely. I have owned a Corsa A and B both automatics in the past and seeing as the Corsa E still used an old school torque converter auto gearbox (thank god, im not a fan of dual clutches or semi auto's) but not sure i like or can live with looking through the wires of the heated windscreen, am i the only one that doesn't really like this? this is the only thing that is putting off buying the car.
Which brings me to question 2, is the screen from the previous Corsa D exactly the same size and will it fit as a replacement in the Corsa E and if yes (fingers crossed) will this cause problems with the unconnected wires no longer in use and will this bring up lights on the dash or cause the electrics to disfunction or fail?
Head office customer service technical dept who i found as useful as a chocolate teapot told me today to buy the more basic model which doesn't come with the heated windscreen!! Hmmmmmmmmm
The main dealer has no idea and their only concern is that if this can be replaced it will void the whole cars warranty and therefore wont entertain it.
Any help would be much appreciated and while im here, what am in hearing about the wiring loom??

Thanks everyone :)
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