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Autocar talk to Vauxhall design chief Mark Adams, and Corsa boss Andreas Zipser, to find out how the firm hopes to re-take the top spot as the UK's best-selling car

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You've made big changes to the interior - what was the thinking behind this?

"The oldest thing in the old car was the interior - it was the most disconnected in our portfolio. So we wanted something new, but retaining the space of the old car's cabin. People are downsizing, but they don't want to give up on sophistication."

The exterior is more evolution than revolution...

"The key thing with the Corsa is that we have a lineage, so we looked at it and asked, what do we want to keep? The four-metre footprint is critical, and so is the interior space. We wanted to bring it up to date, so we used a combination of fluid, sculptural shapes and crisp feature lines - it flows but it's also precise and controlled.

"For me, a small car really depends on the "eyes" and getting the details right, so the front end is very important."

Is it just a case of grafting the front end of an Adam onto the Corsa?

"We wanted to get away from the old car's double-decker grille and give the it a single focal point, to bring the car down and make it wider.

"Dropping the grille allows for a wider grille and bigger headlamps - cars with tiny grilles can look like they're kissing."

Read the full interview here:


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