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This may or may not help but I like to share the love so these are facts i have found out since ordering my new corsa :)

sooooo, Just a wee bit of info ( if infact you are a nosey biatch and as impatient as i am and don't have a life) - while waiting for delivery of my car i found out the following useful information...

If your Corsa E is a 5 door it will most likely be bulit in Zaragoza in Spain
The nearest Port to Zaragoza is Pasajes (near Bilbao)

The cars are shipped using United European Car Carriers (UECC) and dock at Portbury, Bristol
UECC normally operates on a 2 to 3 day sailing rotation

Forward shipping movements from Pasajes can be found here : -

The Carrier they use is the 'Autosun and if you are really bored (like me ) you can even track its journey here : -

Normal delivery time from dock to dealership is 2 working days and I live in the highlands so cant imagine it be much longer for anywhere else (unless you live further north than inverness)
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