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My car is set to Eco tyre pressures on the computer display, and the pressures were set to Eco physically too, 39psi front, 37psi rear, however my car went in to the dealer about a month ago to get a new NSR alloy on warranty and they only put the psi to 35 according to the display and tbh with it only being 2psi out, I haven't bothered sorting it, anyway everything's been fine for weeks.

However, a couple of hours ago I went out for a takeaway, got it, came back to the car about 20mins later, got in, started up and the computer display went "bing bing bing" and a "check tyre pressure" message came up coupled with the Orange ( ! ) light in the Rev counter for the TPMS warning light, anyway I cleared the message by tapping the end of the indicator stalk, and the Orange ( ! ) also went out which surprised me as I assumed it stayed on until you rectified the low tyre pressure, anyway checked the display screen and it was saying 2 fronts were 38psi, offside rear was 36psi and the near side rear was 33psi (the one the dealer set to 35psi when changing alloy) intending to check the NSR when I got home I set off.

I drove home, and as usually happens ALL pressures began to rise as I was driving, obviously due to them heating up. NSR went up 1psi to 34 which made me think there was no issue I.e. A puncture as otherwise it wouldn't go up regardless of how hot the tyre got, so when I got home I sat for less than 30 seconds idling and the NSR went back down to 33 which I thought was quite quick, and no other tyre dropped in pressure, checked the tyre and couldn't see/feel anything, obviously it doesn't mean theres definitely not an issue with the tyre but it's unlikely so is it just a case that the tyre pressure is 4psi lower than it should be for that setting which is triggering the warning or is it an issue with TPMS sensors?

The reason I am particularly bothered about this is we had an Insignia at work which did th same thing, low pressure in a tyre, warning message, warning light etc, but it didn't need air in it, had ATS check it out and they said no issue with tyre, sent it to Vauxhall who replaced all sorts of things, nothing would sort it, Vauxhall technical sent someone in to the dealer who changed loads and it took 3 months before it was resolved.
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