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I was back in at the dealers earlier on and they had a brochure for the VXR Corsa, had a flick through it and thought some of you might be interested to know about a couple of things:

I know some of you have expressed an interest in replacing the standard grille backing with the VXR one, well apparently "standard" VXRs have ordinary door mirrors and grille (different from other normal Corsa models but still just plain) but there's an optional carbnon fibre pack you can spec on it, which gives you the chrome grille strip/or black on LEs/white on Sting but in carbon fibre effect as well as the colour coded/black on LE door mirror caps but again in carbon fibre effect.

Its not my thing, I think its been done to death and can look quite boy racery but thought it may appeal to some.

I do like the steering wheel however, its like the Sting R one in that its flat bottomed with perforated leather at the sides but its much smaller and chunkier looking. It also comes with an alarm but the PIC of the roof doesn't show sensors in the blanking panel behind the overhead map lights in the roof console like the Insignia/Astra have their sensors and motion sensor switch so I'm wondering how much work itd be to fit an OE VXR alarm to other Es.
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