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anyone heard when or if windows will be doing the bringgo app ? or is there a way of making the phone map app appear on the screen via Bluetooth ?

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I'm not aware of a bringgo for windows. I use the here+ app on my Nokia which seems to be a better sat nav app than bringgo anyway judging from my friends iphone.

It would be nice to display the phone screen on the intellilink screen though. Microsoft are developing mirrorlink integration for windows and that will effectively allow a mirrorlink enabled car infotainment system to mirror the phones screen and run all of its apps. A far superior solution than intellilink. Sadly it is not likely to be available till next year :-( Then you need the hardware to be developed too. Alpine are planning to offer a double DIN head unit with 7" display that is mirrorlink enabled and have one available already.

My biggest problem though is that in my opinion the intellilink/double DIN mount is too low in the dash and is dangerous to use on the move. It really needed to be higher up so that you aren't taking your eyes off the road so much or for so long.
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