Battery undercharged

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Re: Battery undercharged

Post by Susan44 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:13 pm

Hello Delboy. I too have a digital chinese thingy in the socket and those voltages are exactly what I get except after a long run the charging volts can go down to 13.5 for a while.
Everything is back to normal now thanks.
I will replace the battery at 4 years if I still have i
the car.
Interestingly I disconnected the battery as often suggested for 30 minutes. I noticed...
1. Radio remembered all the presets so no radio reset after 30 minutes!
2. Some of the vehicle settings were reset like indicator volume, and cruise/limiter went to blank.
3. Electric windows no longer remembered to keep moving when you hold down the button for a longer hold. I had to re-learn them by holding the window up button for 10 seconds after winding them up.
1.4 Auto SE. Intellilink R3.0 software version 109.0-39112275 :geek:

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