6 speed automatic transmission

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Re: 6 speed automatic transmission

Post by Susan44 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:22 am

There must be some programming to prevent accelerator and brake being applied together because I have had an Astra auto that cut out completely when I tried to dry off brakes after going through flood water. It just cut out. Verboten!
I suspect it is a micro version of the same control mechanism. There's two pro instructors who could write to Vauxhall (or is it Peugeot yet? Brush up up yer French)
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Re: 6 speed automatic transmission

Post by paulJ » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:14 am

Thanks to all concerned for the interesting read re automatic gearboxes: however, I must comment on the posts which
describe Easytronics as "awful" and "horrible". I ran a 1.2 C easytronic for 7 years/50K+ miles, am now well into my third
year with a 1.4 E easytronic. I looked after the C, used to change the fluid in the little reservoir once a year and gearbox
oil every 30K. Never had a transmission issue on either car, let's hope it stays that way. Come the summer, I'd like to syphon
out and replace the clutch fluid (like I used to on the C) but am unsure what to use: any advice welcome.

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