For sale 2015 1.4 LE

For Sale section. Corsa E / Vauxhall related items only please.
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For sale 2015 1.4 LE

Post by bradleysneddon » Sun Jun 27, 2021 12:25 pm

Thinking of selling my limited edition 1.4 Corsa E. it’s currently on 40k miles and has never given me a problem to date. It is currently financed but I’m looking to get out of the agreement using funds from selling the car privately or to a dealer. It does have some damage on it from a hit and run in a supermarket car park which is not the best however I have a quote for trade in including the damage. So pricing this at £5750 testing the waters

Please feel free to comment with any interest or even constructive criticism. Please don’t take the mick lol I’m just looking at options. TIA.




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