Passenger side indicator electrics issue

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Passenger side indicator electrics issue

Post by Charmfarm » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:00 pm

As title suggests passenger side indicator is not working (front and side) and also the drivers side rear after trying to install led sequential strips. Snipped side indicators wires after isolating circuit, used wago blocks to secure all required wires. Problem is nothing is working after.

Initially thought this could have been a blown fuse so started here. Checked fuse box cover for pin out to find which one would fuse the indicators, no joy. Are indicators part of the front headlights circuit? If not, which fuse location is for these?

Moving on, tested continuity of side indicator which was good, tested bulb which was good, checked fitting which was good. Checked all fuses with multimeter, all good.
Think I read somewhere that corsa e’s don’t use relays for blinkers.

Does anyone have any ideas where the issue lies here? Does something unbeknown to me need resetting? ECU?
Any suggestions welcomed.


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