Siri Volume Issues

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Siri Volume Issues

Post by Forever27 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:39 pm


Has anyone had any problems with the voice recognition with Siri. I have not had any problems until suddenly today I went to call my daughter and as Siri kicked in it sounded almost like a speaker had blew except the volume was really loud (around 60). As I tried to change the volume control, it just jumped up and down but not in order and suddenly dropping to zero then back up to the 60’s again all very random. Now when I hit the button to trigger Siri I can barely here it or people I’m trying to talk too.

When I had a corsa hire car I noticed it was like this but didn’t worry as it wasn’t mine! Just wondering if this is something I can get sorted before the warranty expires and if it’s a common fault.

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Re: Siri Volume Issues

Post by baloki » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:39 am

I know there’s some weirdness with the volume memory with CarPlay in Corsa that took me a while to figure out, there’s basically a few types of volume settings:

• Music: Remebers the volume between trips (engine being turned off) and is the same as the radio.
• SatNav: Has it’s own independent volume, saved between trips and can only be amended while the satnav is talking, once it finishes if you’re still adjusting the volume it starts changing the music volume. The volume is also affected by the volume setting in the phones settings under maps which was introduced in iOS 11 I think.
• Voice: ie Phone calls, again an independent control that can only be changed while in use, remebers between trips.
• Siri: Can only be changed while Siri is talking and resets to nearly inaudible everytime the phone is connected, I’ve gotten in to the habit of asking what the time is when I get in the car as it takes it a while to read so O can adjust the volume.

Hope that’s helpful?

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