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Another New guy

Post by stomper » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:18 pm

Hey guys n girls.

Mark from Falkirk here. Sorry to say but I'm a :evil: BMW :evil: driver, my wife drives a 58' plate Corsa.

I try hard to keep it in good working order for her like any good man would do, but I cant get to the bottom of the water loss. I'll post another thread on that issue in the help section.

Personally , i'm an old skool Fordie. I own a couple of Ford Capri's and until recently I detailed cars in all my spare time. This has had to stop as everything else was falling behind. I will go back to it soon.

I used to be pretty handy with a set of spanners and still am when working on old fords etc but these new modern cars cost me a fortune in garage bills because I don't know my way round them. I intend to rectify that.

That's pretty much me .

Sure i'll see you all around.

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Re: Another New guy

Post by Right-Turn-Clyde » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:01 pm

Hi Mark

Welcome to the forum, I’ve only been on her a month or so. Like you I drive a BM and the wife has the Corsa. They are great little cars and I really enjoy driving Ours. Best of luck with your water loss problem, I’m sure one of the mechanical guys or girls will pick up on you post.


Simon :D

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