Engine hiccups

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Engine hiccups

Post by Dan140 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:34 pm


I Have noticed when driving over the past few weeks that my car feels a little rough and a bit jumpy when I’m not accelerating (when the revs are between about 1500 and 2500).

I tried just holding the revs whilst parked at around 2000 and every 5 seconds or so the revs drop by about 100 and quickly pick back up - almost like the engine is “hiccuping”

It’s a 16 plate 1.4 NA with 26k miles and only had coil pack and spark plugs replaced about 3k miles ago. I remember the juddering symptoms when the coil pack went and this feels different (it seemed to judder most under load when it was the coil pack but now seems to be the other way round).

There’s no check engine light and I’ve plugged a code reader in and nothing came back. I’ve also tried unplugging the MAF as I read somewhere that could be the problem but the problem seems to be the same whether that’s plugged in or not so I think that can be ruled out?

Wondering if anyone has experienced similar or has any ideas what it could be?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Engine hiccups

Post by devon556 » Sat Aug 29, 2020 8:20 pm

It sounds like the coil pack is playing up again, I had a similar issue as you juddering a low speed, got it replaced and then it began to play up again. What I found was one of the springs wasn't sitting correctly on the plug and this cause the car to go from 4 cylinders down to 3 and made the engine have to work harder. If you have a screwdriver with a hexagon bit just unscrew it, check it and carefully put it back in see if it goes away.
2015 Corsa SE 1.4 90PS Automatic.

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