Corsa E Sting Fuel Consumption

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Corsa E Sting Fuel Consumption

Post by Panthera » Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:41 am

I have had a 66 plate corsa sting for nearly 2 years, 33,000 total miles, I have done 20,000 since I got it. I get about 400-430 miles to a tank so around 40mpg, I would say I do a lot of motorway driving.

The sting doesn't tell you your mpg or what exactly you have left in a tank but I find the fuel back gauge does not go down consistently at all. I got up to nearly 150 miles and it only went down one bar, shouldn't it really be every 50 miles? 8 bars/400 miles to a tank so 400÷8 =50. Sometimes it goes back up a bar for a while when driving as well. But at the same time, once I'm below half a tank it seems to rapidly deplete much quicker than it should. Is this normal?


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Re: Corsa E Sting Fuel Consumption

Post by Marksparks » Tue Jul 20, 2021 4:21 pm

Most cars all do this, the last Quarter of tank on the dial/display just drops away!

Its all to do with the sensors and where they are, on the Nissan Xtrail because the tank had the prop shaft going down the centre it effectively had two wells, and a Quarter Tank could disappear in 50 miles

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