Inflation Kit/Air Compressor Polystyrene Holder

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Inflation Kit/Air Compressor Polystyrene Holder

Post by MikeDev96 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:06 pm

Hi All,

Recently had a spare wheel well sub-woofer installed and the polystyrene holder that holds the gunk, screw driver, tow hook etc... no longer fits in the wheel well. It looks like this:


I've had a browse around and found that you can get another polystyrene holder that goes in the right side compartment in the boot:


Problem is, the air compressors are quite different, and from what I can tell the one in the image above is hard wired in.

Does anybody know if the air compressor in the first picture will fit the holder in the second picture? Or does anybody have dimensions of the compressor in the second pic? And lastly, the part number for the holder itself?

Many thanks,

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