My old Limited Edition

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My old Limited Edition

Post by Mh94 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:20 pm


Just curious if I can find out what became of my old Limited Edition. I traded it in last year for a diesel Astra due to my mileage and wanting something more grown up. It reached 3 years old at the beginning of April, so thought I'd see how it got on on it's first MOT. Further investigations found it was a cat N write off in December.

Just wondering if whoever crashed it is on here and can say what happened or any pictures? Looked on Copart but doesn't seem to be on there.
Reg is YC16 FUD. In other news found out the little Ka I had as a first car was scrapped last month, sad night. :(


(I didn't drive through that flood, I reversed up to it for the photo opportunity)



2016 1.4 N/A LE Carbon Flash

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