Front Wiper Issues

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Front Wiper Issues

Post by Sprout » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:36 am

Hi All,

New to the Forum here.

We purchased 2 new Corsa Energy 1.4a/c just before xmas, one of them is fine but mine has a wiper issue.

The car has had two issues:

1. wipers not returning to the rest position properly or going off the screen when the auto wiper fast speed kicked in. (resolved on the second visit to the dealer with a new linkage fitted).

2. the second issue which is still unresolved is that when the wipers are going at fast speed there is a clonking/creak/clonking noise coming from the area around the wiper mount on the bulkhead. The dealer has seen the car twice since the linkage replacement and have adjusted the rake of the arms but still the noise. The car is gping in again next week to be looked at.

Can anyone advise on this, as the dealer says they have never had this issue, but I guess this is a standard response!! the car is only on 2000miles, and has been in 5 times for this...

Please help

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