SergC 1.4 LPG

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SergC 1.4 LPG

Post by SergC » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:56 pm

Hi everybody!
I'm from Latvia, never been in England or US, so my English is taken from school. My native language is Russian.
A year ago I became an owner of Corsa.
Firstly I admired the fuel expenses had been cut twice.
Than there where some problems - I felt gass smell, quite strong. In supermarket's parking area I could easily find my car using my nose.
Mechanics checked the car all around but found nothing. I drove the car with a gass smell inside scaring to explode for couple of months. If something happened, what the people say? Russian terrorists!!!!
Luckily after several months the gass smell disappeared.
But multimedia system started to turn off, restart on the go. And speedometer once switched off in 40m/h. Serviceman made software upgrade, than all worked fine.
Till I changed tires. Now one of the pressure sensors does not show any pressure.
That's not the reason I'm here, I wanted to join some forum for a long time. This sensor problem just pulled me on.)

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Re: SergC 1.4 LPG

Post by Susan44 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:54 pm

The service mechanic can do a reset to get the tyre sensors working, but you need to keep the wheels in the same place. If you move them around the car they need to be re-paired with a re-learning tool.
1.4 Auto SE. Intellilink R3.0 software version 109.0-39112275 :geek:

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