1st MOT.....worrying discovery, and atrocious customer service from Vauxhall

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1st MOT.....worrying discovery, and atrocious customer service from Vauxhall

Post by Moog70 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 8:00 pm

My Corsa is 3 years old today, so was booked in for its 3rd interim service and inaugural MOT. It passed, no problem, however, will not pass the next one. Here's why.

The rear discs were found to be severely corroded on the inners. The pads still had over 5mm on them, but the actual discs are below Vauxhalls tolerance of 20mm. This on a vehicle that has only done 24000 miles!

Dealer raised it as a warranty claim with Vx, citing that the rear discs were clearly faulty, as they factory pads still had plenty of tolerance and the fronts (which do the bulk of the hard work) were perfectly OK. Expecting a simple nod from Customer Services to replace under warranty, the claim was dismissed over the telephone citing "normal wear and tear", and no further discussions would be entered into.

The Master Technician at the dealer tried to explain in technical terms, but the airhead teenager on the customer service desk wouldn't allow him - the decision was final, and I, as the customer, "could appeal it if I wanted to"!!

To say I'm bloody furious with their attitude is an understatement - they wouldn't listen to a technical explanantion from one of their own senior techs - the discs are clearly duff - it happens, but it's how it's dealt with that makes the difference. In this case, Vauxhall as a manufacturer have fallen well short here - naturally I will appeal it, but I can already feel an uphill battle ahead dealing with call-centre bints that don't have the first clue about how vehicles work, or what should and shouldn't fail this prematurely. Obviously updating their Twatter/Arsebook/Instaslag profiles in working hours is considerably more important than actually even attempting to resolve the issue.


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Re: 1st MOT.....worrying discovery, and atrocious customer service from Vauxhall

Post by Marksparks » Sat Sep 21, 2019 9:00 am

i have had similar experience on a brand new Vauxhall, not supplied as advrtised... i told them i would reject the vehicle their reaction was go on then.

Essentially it was advertised with heated mirrors, but not supplied with, the difference is a 3 or 5 wire loom from the door to the mirror and mirror glass with the contacts/heater grid, cost about £30. They wouldnt consider retrofit by the dealer without invalidating the vehicle warranty. Some vehicles had them fitted others didnt, i suspect either a shortfall in parts, or penny pinching?

The dealer were great, they eventually agreed it was possible, but couldnt do it, as Vx would invalidate the Warranty. In the end the dealer offered an additional two years free servicing... Vauxhall ended up having to withdraw all their brochures nationally.

To be honest i cannot fault our local Vauxhall Dealership...

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