Lights on, low tyre pressure

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Re: Lights on, low tyre pressure

Post by devon556 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:21 pm

In regards to the automatic lights, it's controlled by a light sensitive diode, so you need to keep that area on the windscreen clean to avoid problems, although sometimes if there are rain clouds or going under a large bridge etc they may occasionally turn back on again. Personally it doesn't bother me about them staying on, Often I find i'd like them to come on a minute or two earlier than they do during the mornings/evenings.

With your tyre pressures, firstly check its in the right mode for the weight of the vehicles etc, I recharged the tyres on mine a few weeks ago, and on a really cold evening the computer played up, After fiddling around a bit I found that it had come out of 'light' mode and wasn't on any particular mode at all. My other suggestion based on how old your car is, that maybe the tyre pressure sensors need a servicing?
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