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Newcomer to the Corsa club

Post by dsy369 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:09 am

Picked up a Corsa E in November and passed my test this January. 1.4T 100PS Limited Edition White, hoping to remap when my insurance comes up for renewal up to 170 bhp. Still got a black-box atm :cry: so not much point for now.

I'm looking around for an exhaust upgrade too, but nothing obnoxious; there's a guy a couple of years older that lives around the corner with what sounds like a straight piped Ibiza :roll:. I've looked into Cobra Venom exhausts and they sound really good but they themselves are saying that they are not for road use as they are too loud, is that them covering their asses legally or is that the truth?


2016 Summit White LE 1.4T

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